Welcome to Grupo Folklorico del Pueblo, The People's Folk Group

As a non-profit organization we work diligently to teach, listen and learn for our communities cultural enrichment, physical wellbeing a historical preservation and future evolution 

Our Staff: 

CEO: Velma Roybal Media and Technology/"Jack of all trades": Alicia Ribota

GFDP Artistic Director: Sara Roybal Parent Representative: Amanda Wilson

GFDP Director of Native Programming: Sam Gallegos Parent Representative: Gabby S. 

Instructor: Amber Martinez

Office Staff: Ernestine Benavidez *Adult Class instructors: Virginia Ortiz, Sam Gallegos,  Sara Roybal*

Sara prepping the students before their performance

Our Board Members:

Ted Lopez

Alicia Jimenez

Yvonne Lujan

Carla Garcia 

Monica Suarez

Karen Foglesong

Natashia Gebre-Zion

Sam Gallegos

Ernestine Benavidez