Cinco de Mayo reverse parade 2021

In loving memory of Rita Martinez


Performing at Tres Margaritas February 2020

Tres margaritas (Ava & Tori dance El Relampago).mp4


Dia de los Muertos

First Friday Art Walk

First Friday Art Walk June 7, 2019

Performing at the Convention Center for Leadership of Pueblo

Performing in Bessemer Park for Cinco de Mayo

Pictures from our trip to the Diano Marina International Folklore Festivale

Recognition of participation ceremony for all folk groups who participated in the Diano Marina Festivale 2019 from around the world.

Our instructors, Sara Roybal and David Benavidez, at the meeting to present Pueblo's Gifts to the mayor of Diano Marina

Our audition participants from our first term of 2019

First Friday student Performance