Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To educate and perform with dignity and pride folk cultural arts emphasizing Latino* styles.

* A derivative of Spanish speaking and/or Latin American culture.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a folk arts organization that will help define our community and achieve prominence in the nation.

We will be a uniting leader in folk arts that will broker information and talent to the community at large. We will strive to become a mecca for top folk talent that will provide jobs to enhance our genre of art. We will accomplish this with the following three facets:

1. A school of folk arts taught by qualified instructors. Instructors will teach the history and language of our genre of art in conjunction with responsibility and physical awareness. This school shall cultivate accuracy, professionalism, and excellence in our students.

2. A Grupo Juvenil (juvenile group), that provides a sense of community and leadership for our students beyond the curriculum of our school of folk arts. This group shall be our ambassador to the community by performing for our community events at low or no cost.

3. A professional adult performing company that will incorporate teatro (theater) music and dance. This group will attract top talent while maintaining a culturally creative environment. This group will provide a venue of artistic expression and performance for our instructors. It shall also provide role models for our younger students and serve as an ultimate goal.