GFDP Staff

CEO and Artistic Director

Sara Roybal

Sara Roybal has received her Masters of Fine Arts in Dance with a graduate certificate in Ethnic Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Currently, she is the CEO and Artistic Director of Grupo Folklórico del Pueblo. Sara’s research consciously collides the cultural, social, economic, traditional, and contemporary borders. She focuses on the historical impetus of Mexican folklore in the USA and its growth and development of the cultural representation of it today through a Chicanx lens.  Sara’s goals with the GFDP is to uphold their mission to develop not only educated dancers, but teachers and artists. 

Office Staff

Velma Roybal 

Velma Romero Roybal is currently president of Grupo Folklórico’s board,  history instructor, costume coordinator and office manager. She has been involved with folklórico dance for thirty six years.  Her two children, who grew up doing folklórico, are now adults with advanced degrees. Her previous career was in Early Child Education where she taught preschool for  15 years, and directed a program for two years. Velma and her two children are the founders of the G.F.D.P.  and had been the Artistic Director for the G.F.D.P. for about 3 years until 2009, has served as the CEO until 2024 and  has attended more than 15 international conferences and training sessions for folklórico. 

 Her life revolves around folklórico, which she tells us has been a rewarding experience for herself and her  family. Her favorite aspect of the involvement in folklórico has been the mentoring of so many young lives that she has been involved with. Velma enjoys that there is still so much to learn and do in this field and she is looking forward to the future with the G.F.D.P.

Ernestine Benavidez

Ernestine runs the heart and the sole of GFDP with her trusty office partner, Velma R. 

GFDP Instructing Staff

Amber Martinez

As our Term 1 and Term 2 Class instructor Amber has honed her leadership and teaching skills.  Amber is a homegrown instructor. 

Virginia Ortiz

 Hola, My name is Virginia Ortiz and I am a retired teacher from Pueblo School District 60. My partner and I have been performing Spanish Colonial dance for twenty plus years. We have performed from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Morrison, Colorado.  The Spanish Colonial dances and music have  been my passion since I was very young. Working with your children and teaching them a love of Spanish Colonial culture, food  and dance will be a sure enjoyment.  


Melina Montoya

I have been part of GFDP for several years as a proud dance mom, student and now as an Instructor! 

Teacher Assistants 

Serenity -A current Avanzado students who is training to be a Teacher's Aid and eventually a Dance Teacher through our mentorship program. 

Donna-A current Avanzado students who is a Teacher's Aid and eventually a Dance Teacher through our mentorship program. 

Marketing and Administrative Coordinator

Alica Ribota

-You need it, she can do it! Alicia is our producer who does a little bit of everything- 

Hello, my name is Alicia and we have been with Grupo Folklorico Del Pueblo for 4+ years. I am a Colorado Native and I love, baking, cooking and playing video games on my spare time. When I am not at dance; I spend my days doing homework or exploring different places I have never been before. 

GFDP Parent Representatives 


Our brave parent representative from our Ninos class.  

Amanda Wilson

I am a mom of 4 awesome kids.  My youngest daughter has been with GFDP for 3 years.  She loves being part of the group.  On my spare time I love doing arts and crafts, you can see my handy work with our earrings and bun covers!

Roberta Murphy

Mom of 2 beautiful girls.  My youngest has been with GFDP for over 6 years.  We love being part of this organization.