Class/Event Schedule

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Class Descriptions

Niños Class

This class allows children (3-5) to work on their motor skills while learning about Mexican Folklórico culture.

Term 1 Class

In this class, students 5+ learn the basics of folklórico, Mexican folk dancing technique and the history behind it.

Term 2 Class

Students learn slightly more advanced material at a faster pace and begin preparing for auditions. Auditions show if students have learned enough material and technique to move on to the Performing Group.

Juvenil Performing Group

This group is for our younger individuals that have passed auditions and are ready for the challenge of performing.

Performing Group

This group is for our older individuals that have passed auditions that can handle learning and performing advanced material as they continue to learn about the history behind it all.

Mariachi Class

We teach beginner/intermediate Mariachi music. Students learn how to play and sing Mariachi music. Instruments include violin, trumpet, guitarron, vihuela, and guitar.