GFDP Staff Bios

Director of School of Dance, DDLM Show Director, Collaborating Choreographer

    Jimmy Newmoon Roybal, JD, LLM(tax) is a founding member of the GFDP, and attorney at law (business and nonprofits).  He has been participating in past years as a board member and consultant remotely from his home in Philadelphia.  While in Philadelphia, Mr. Roybal studied in the M.Ed (dance) program at Temple University, though he did not complete the degree because his duties as an attorney interfered.  In November of 2013 Mr. Roybal and his wife, Tara moved to Pueblo, Colorado and have renovated the administration and management of the GFDP’s school of dance.  Mr. Roybal has produced choreography for the GFDP in 1997 and 2001 and he has collaborated with Sara Roybal on choreographies for other organizations in the past.

Assistant Manager-School of Dance

Tara Roybal M.Ed. is the assistant manager for the school of dance and is a certified third degree black belt in Tang Soo Do.  She has administered several karate schools and brings that insight to the school of dance.  She also advises regarding student development since she is an active middle school counselor.

CEO/ History Instructor

Velma Romero Roybal is currently the director and history instructor of the Grupo Folklorico Del Pueblo and has been involved with folklorico dance for twenty two years.  Her two children, who grew up doing folklorico, are now adults with advanced degrees. Her previous career was in Early Child Education where she taught preschool for  15 years, and directed a program for two years.  Velma had been the Artistic Director for the G.F.D.P. for about 3 years until 2009 and has served as the CEO since that time.  She has attended more than 15 international conferences and training sessions for folklorico.

Velma is also the costume coordinator and history instructor.  Her life revolves around folklorico, which she tells us has been a rewarding experience for herself and my family. Her favorite aspect of the involvement in folklorico has been the mentoring of so many young lives that she have been involved with. Velma enjoys that there is still so much to learn and do in this field and she is looking forward to the future with the G.F.D.P

Artistic Director, Choreographer

Sara Roybal, MFA (dance) candidate has been practicing Folklorico for twenty-four years and counting.  Her training includes workshops, conferences, and performing with groups throughout the USA and Mexico.  Her repertoire goes beyond the various styles and regions of Mexico and extends into Swing, Flamenco, and ‘Latin’ Social dance.  Her process of historical and cultural research attribute immensely to her choreographic choices and methods.  The experience she has built includes eighteen years of teaching Folklorico, instructing workshops and conferences throughout Colorado and the Southwest.  Currently she is attending the Masters of Fine Arts in Dance program at the University of Colorado at Boulder to expand and continue her education and passion for dance and folklorico.


Monica L. Suarez has more than 15 years of experience as a performer of folklorico as well as many years of ballet, modern and jazz dancing with an emphasis in theater production. She has been a member of several folklorico dance groups and has participated in several  theatrical productions. She has been working with the Grupo Folklorico Del Pueblo as lead instructor for the past two years and is currently working toward a degree as a physical therapist.

Instructor/ Administrative and Marketing Intern

    David Benavidez has over a decade and half of experience as a mariachi musician and has brought together ensembles to play many of the sones that the GFDP has in its repertoire for past collaborations.  Mr. Benavidez began immersing himself in Folklorico dance and Ballet over three years ago and his understanding of rhythm, context, and now physical technique has helped him excel into the position of Instructor.  Mr. Benavidez also serves as an administrative/marketing intern so that he can be employed in that capacity