About Us

We believe that learning dance and cultural history should be active, fun, and engaging! 

Grupo Folklórico del Pueblo was founded in 1996 by Velma, Sara, and Jimmy Newmoon Roybal.  Since then the group has grown to be Pueblo's  premiere folk dance group.  We are a 501c3 non-profit corporation.

All students learn the history and cultural significance of the dances and costumes and the regions from which the dances originate.  We are proud to incorporate dances and history that pertain to the New Mexican and Mexican American experience as well.   We offer a complete program which includes dancing, traveling, and performing.

In all classes, beginner through advanced, students learn a variety of regional dances and Mexican Folk traditions that are important to the people of each region.  

We believe that learning history should be fun and physically engaging.  Through our school of folk arts and folk dance company we combine dance, music, art, history, and academics to give students the most well-rounded experience.  Our certified instructors and staff are here to ensure a fun, family-friendly experience!


~Arrianna, R.J. and Antoinette~    Grupo Folklorico del Pueblo